Terms + Conditions


PRICE. Prices are FOB our greenhouse, but are subject to change without notice.

FREIGHT. We will ship by any carrier at your request. You assume all responsibility, risk of loss and liability resulting from shipping of your order by your carrier, and release and hold Florico harmless from any such claims.

CLAIMS. Our product becomes your property when you or the carrier accepts and signs the Bill of Lading or Sales Order. All claims will include pictures, claims not made to us within 48 hours after receipt are waived. Merchandise may not be returned or dumped without prior consent from our management. Claims are for plant products only. Merchandise may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. We do not credit flowering material.

TERMS. In making this application for credit, we do agree to pay all invoices within thirty (30) days from the date of order pickup and to pay a service charge of 1 1/2% per month, which is an annual percentage rate of 18% on all overdue invoices. The customer shall be liable for all costs of collection including attorney's fees or collection charge in an amount not less than 15% of the principal and accrued interest balance due. In the event of any account or order you have with us has unpaid balances exceeding 60 days of age, we reserve the right to withhold further shipments under any order.

CONDITIONS. In consideration of Florico Foliage Co., extending credit, we do agree jointly and severally to pay for all goods, wares, and merchandise supplied to us and/or the above named business. Customer authorizes Florico to release the credit application as consent to release of information to Florico by credit bureaus, the listed bank references and trade references.

In the event that Florico has on file a credit card used for purchases, we authorize Florico to charge such card for payments over 60 days late. In the event it becomes necessary to place the account with an attorney for collection, we agree to pay all costs of collection including reasonable attorney's fees and hereby waive our privilege of being sued in the county of our residence and agree if the suit is brought, that the venue will be in Orange County, Florida, at the option of Florico Foliage Co. and Florida law shall govern the terms and conditions. We agree to immediately notify Florico Foliage Co. of any change in ownership or form of said business including bank account information. Extension of credit is conditioned of full compliance with terms and conditions, and may be discontinued at any time for failure to comply therewith. This instrument shall remain in full force and in effect until Florico Foliage Co. receives actual notice of revocation. Customer certifies all information provided to Florico is true and correct.